Welcome to Aurora-Georgia, the International  agency for surrogacy and egg donation. We try to fulfill the dreams of intended parents around the world by bringing them together with the surrogate mothers and egg donors. Surrogacy program can be the only option for most infertile couples, but unfortunately it is banned in most of European countries. We believe that every person has the right to experience the happiness that comes with creating a family. 

The inspiration for Aurora-Georgia came from personal experience of our founder who created her family via surrogacy.  Our commitment to you is to do our best to make your experience as streamlined, informed and stress-free as possible. Thank you for your confidence in choosing us as your surrogacy agency.

One of the most difficult points of becoming a parent via surrogacy is finding a qualified, reliable surrogate mother. We offer an extensive network of surrogates, all of whom conform to a list of prerequisites designed to ensure the protection and well-being of intended parents and surrogate alike.

We can provide all services including screening, matching, legal contracts, legal review, escrow and any additional services needed or we can just provide one or two services that you need.

The choice of a surrogacy program is a decision that is usually made after much thought and consideration. Most of the time it is your last alternative after years of painful infertility treatments or pregnancies that have not come to achievement. For many families who are considering surrogacy, this is their last hope of having a child.

Aurora-Georgia was founded to help the intended parents. We provide independent, straight-forward information regarding the challenges and successes of the surrogacy process and egg donation. We are a private company that specializes in finding healthy, well-educated, and beautiful donors. Our gestational carriers are kind and compassionate. 

Before introducing you to potential surrogates, we ask you a number of questions and after we get an understanding of what you want and need from the surrogate relationship, we’ll provide you with detailed profiles of currently available surrogate candidates we feel would be a good fit for you.  

We work closely with the most experienced fertility specialists, IVF nurse coordinators,  law experts, and other highly qualified professionals to set achievable goals with realistic expectations. Throughout the process you, surrogate and/or donor will be guided by our staff.

We would be honored to be given the opportunity to help you choose a surrogate and/or a donor that could ultimately bring together the possibilities of starting a family.